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dflwcat 11-10-2007 02:08 PM

two computers
I have Team Sabre and I want to host a game but want to let my kids play to online with me when I host. On LW I can host and the kids can play on my server but don't know how to do that on TS any help

Hellfighter 11-10-2007 02:21 PM

all computer system must have their own copy of the game without using the same keycode then you can. lan play

NL change the way it instill DFLW you can get away with it, but in DFBHD-TS it block from using the same keycode on more then one computer. copy right or anti-pirate software build into it

Chrispy 11-10-2007 02:39 PM

Chief, I'm pretty sure that's only the case if he logs into NovaWorld. I'm pretty sure LAN/Public is possible without logging in (opposed to JO/DFX).


dflwcat 11-10-2007 03:52 PM

I don't login I know with LW you and use DDF on both computers and you can get in Don't know How on TS

IcIshoot 11-10-2007 03:58 PM

its possible - I hosted 2 servers using the same install of BHD, and played on both with the same install on a third. As long as you don't log into play the cd key isn't an issue.. which I never do.

(in fact, I currently use 1 cd key to run 4 servers (3 of them at 1 time and on 1 computer) and of course have it installed for playing).

It is going to depend on how you setup hosting:

1. Lan play

if the server is set to host on LAN, then on the other computer when you go to play make sure to select LAN and the server should show up.

2. Internet play

If you set the server to host through novaworld so that others can come in and play with you,

then what you need to do is get pinger and manually add the server to the list, using the internal IP address of the computer running the server.

Then when going to go play multiplayer, they just click your server on the favorites list and they should be good to go.

At least that is how I have to do it.. even opening the correct ports, if I try to join my server hosted on the same lan as me playing, i have to connect directly to it via pinger

Xx_jet_xX 11-10-2007 04:27 PM

yes you need to use pinger, you cannot get into the servr through novaworld because of the same IP address. it Novas way of blocking the same keycode being played on 2 computers.

IcIshoot 11-10-2007 04:46 PM

Didn't used to be that way, but oh well lol

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