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Stand 05-22-2020 11:29 AM

Dear NOVA community
Dear NOVA community

I bring to your attention we are looking for people that made mods in the past for join Ops operations typhoon Rising. We are trying to get a team together so we can replace everything that nova did for their game and bring all brand new stuff in. We are looking for people that know how to 3D model texture and even do height Maps for new terrains. We already have two people working on the project getting new weapons inside the game so far, we also heard that dearhacker the one that used to work for nova logic and made the mod tools for their community is working on a net code so you do not have to log into nova logic or nova world whatsoever to play online. I call out all modders developers that made the mods happen in the past, we need you on our side to bring back the feel of join Ops to a new level. Are goals are to replace all the models inside Nova logic's Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising + Joint Operations: Escalation to bring a better feel for the game and game play and for the people that love the game so much. We are going to replace all the buildings the decorations and the foliage and also the AI in the near future to upgrade an update the looks and features to the buildings that are already in the game. Also replacing all of the vehicles with better looks and abilities to play a lot better into your battle. We are trying to do a military game that Nova logic did in the past but make it more realistic. We are asking if there is anyone still out there that would actually like to join our group, our community, are mod team to work on something that has not ever been done before I know it has been thought of and a lot of people don't have the time to do so. I am going to be starting up a discard channel a public website we also have a Facebook page, to bring back what was good for the community to bring great memories and also give you guys newer things to build your maps with I call out to the community we really do need your help.

discord room

Facebook page

Weapons that are done and more to come!
Assault Rifles
-M16 (Iron Sights)
-M16 (ACOG)
-M16 M203 (Iron Sights)
-FN-FNC (Irong Sights)
-G36 (Usable Reddot + 3X sight combo)
-FN-F2000 (Iron Sights)
-FAMAS (Iron Sights)
-Remington ACR (EoTech Holo Sights)
-AK47 Tactical (Iron Sights)
-AK47 Tactical (ACOG)
-AK47 W/GP-25 (Iron Sights)
-AKM (Iron Sights)
-G3 (Iron Sights)
-MK14 EBR (Iron Sights)
-SCAR-H (Iron Sights)
-SCAR-H (EoTech + 3x Magnifier Combo)

Assault Rifle Carbines
-M4 (ACOG)
-M4 M203 (Iron Sights)
-AK74 (Iron Sights)
-AK74 w/GP-25 (Iron Sights)

DMR Rifles
-SR25 (Scope + Canted Iron Sight Combo)
-MK14 EBR (EoTech + 3x Magnifier Combo)
-Dragunov SVD (Scope + Iron Sight Combo)

Sniper Rifles
-M21 (Scope)
-M24 (Scope)
-L115A (Scope)

Sniper/Anti-Material Rifles
-Barret M82 (Scope)
-AS50 (Scope)

Light Machine Guns
-M249 SAW (Iron Sights)
-RPK (Iron Sights)
-M60 (Iron Sights)
-M240B (Iron Sights)
-PKP (Iron Sights)

Sub Machine Guns
-MP510 (Iron Sights)
-MP5 Suppressed (Iron Sights)
-MP5K (Iron Sights)
-UMP45 (Iron Sights)
-UMP45 (EoTech)
-Ump45 Suppressed (Iron Sights)
-Ump45 Suppressed (EoTech)
-Vector .45 ACP (Iron Sights)
-P90 (EoTech)
-P90 Suppressed (Eotech)

-M1911 (Iron Sights)
-MK23 (Iron Sights)
-M9 Beretta (Iron Sights)
-Glock17 (Iron Sights)

M870 MCS /00 Buck (Iron Sights)
M870 MCS /1oz Slug (Iron Sights)

Thank you very much all the best
Oscarmike247 0.0/Mike Overstreet
StandAlone/Anthony Melise

ARealOG 08-12-2020 01:49 PM

ITs not working

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