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J-Factor 11-11-2008 12:42 AM

Joint Op's Video?
I've been thinking for awhile now and I wanna make a Joint Op's Video, I have "Adobe Premiere CS3" and "Fraps". But I'm not good with video editing, so I'm asking if anyone who likes or have been in a video be4, Would you help me with this?

I don't care if it's TDM / Coop / or AAS.

If any of you wanna help me with this. I'm looking for for someone who can record with different camera angels / someone who can get a short story for the video. Like I said if anyone is internested, email me

NOTE: If this happens at all it'll happen on a Friday / Saturday night.

Steve 11-11-2008 12:26 PM

good luck sorting that out. :) look forward to the finished version :)

Hellfighter 11-11-2008 01:51 PM

I'll take a back seat to this one

good luck! wish you the best on it J-factor

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