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BOne 06-28-2006 12:08 PM

the pimp tax

i thoughjt this was so dang funny i had to share it

Scott 06-28-2006 01:59 PM

lmfao! the pimp has to send out a W-2! haha

BOne 06-28-2006 03:49 PM


Originally posted by Scott
lmfao! the pimp has to send out a W-2! haha
yup or its 10 years for every prostitute not taxable lmao this is waay too funny

Hellfighter 06-28-2006 04:46 PM

omg will it be OK tobe a prostitution

Asked Tuesday about whether taxing sex workers would somehow lend legitimacy to them,
i can see whole lot of Whore houses popping in NYC ;) why you say? feds can only tax Business for incoming and privet contractors prostitution workers? OMG on one hand its illegal in most states. will the high court make legal to be a sex work if this bill pass? it may back fire on them.

W2 forum job title: Sex worker

made income 75.000.00 pay tax's 35.000.00 lol

DevilDog#1 06-28-2006 05:20 PM

Senator can keep on dreaming ;)

Lucky 06-28-2006 09:42 PM


SilentTrigger 06-29-2006 12:51 AM

How can you tax something thats not legal? Unless its like in Sweden where prostitution is legal, but where its illegal to buy lol

Scott 06-29-2006 01:36 AM

No idea! They expect the pimps to send out a W-2 with all information stating that they are a pimp, and who and where all there hoes are? Bwaahahaha who thinks of this crap? Not only that but what if the pimp can't find the hoe?

It kinda does sound like they don't care if it happens, as long as the gov makes money on it. Man. This stuff is starting to get to me again! All anyone wants anymore is money, they'll do anything for it!

SilentTrigger 06-29-2006 02:25 AM

Haha that would be awsome if the pimps actually did it! :D

Lakie 06-29-2006 04:23 AM

similar story here, the state attorney generals and the federal tax office had a slug out for that reason, illegal pimps and prositututes were declaring their income and filing returns, but the tax department didnt refer it to the states for prosecution, as far as the tax department was concerned, they arent law enforcement and hence didnt report it..

I suspect this is just another way to pin them incase of a technicality on the pimping laws...

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