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  1. Bosnia
    07-10-2009 01:40 AM
    Hey Dave,

    Bosnia says HEY!
  2. dave61
    07-09-2009 02:30 PM
    Hey Bosnia,

    Dave says HEY!
  3. Bosnia
    06-07-2009 11:11 AM
    Well I tried to do things on the way you said to me but that doesnt work.I think that is problem that there no 3di files of that object.I see object in my dfx med but when i try to put them in map there is red mark like X, i think because there is no 3di file only their picture.I installed so mod in my dfx game directory but i make backup first.
    There is missing a few objectssingle wooden barrel02,brdg02-large destroyable bridge,SAM LAUNCHERS,)?I wonder if you can send me these files only their 3di files?
    Thanks Dave ,and I will use your ideas for my map and i put it here so others can download it.
  4. Bosnia
    06-06-2009 11:36 AM
    I wanted to ask you is it ok to use some of your ideas for my dfx map,which I called Ocean Way:Beginning,and is it ok to put your nickname for players in it?

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