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By Wetworks*Claymore Version 1.0 5,342 Downloads Website Added 05/17/2003 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFBHD, DFBHDTS File Name: BHD Pass Editor.zip

BHD Team Password Editor
Easily edit your teams password with this tool!

If you are having problems with this name editor, try downloading and running the path fixer and try again.l!

By Razor(Terranova) + Many others Version 1.0 1,905 Downloads Website Added 06/08/2005 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFBHDTS File Name: DF_REDUX_V1.0.exe

BHD / BHDTS Delta Force: Redux Mod

1. Guns=Saw,Law,mp5,barret,300 tatical,m16/203,m4,claymore,stachel,Gas bomb,Hand grenade,Smoke grenade,m9 berrta.

2. Maps=Medium to small maps.Open area maps to where it not like bhd city maps.hilled terrians with some foliage here and there.4 to 5 original stock maps from df1 and a few good new ones that go with the df1 feeling.

3. Settings=There is no medics or psps available in the game but the psp is aviailable in the med that comes with the Mod.You dont have a choise of a gunner and sniper and ect... you can only be a delta force 1 to 8.delta force 1 to 8 is just a skin change or a model change in the char.so that means they all have the same setting but diffrent skin or model.the char speed in the game is a little bit faster than a cqb from bhd.you can now jump and shot your gun.the guns in the game have very little recoil.on some maps the black dot from the old days might appear in a way.

New Kill System:

If you kill a enemy with a weapon no matter what weapon it is some times you will get a kill bonus.


By ICE Mod Team Version 1.0.5 8,750 Downloads Website Added 08/10/2008 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: JOTR, JOE File Name: ICE_v1.0.5.exe

Joint Operations International Conflict Europe (ICE Mod) FULL v1.0.5
IC Europe (ICE) Features:

Over 50+ new vehicles including Harrier War jets, Zubr Attack Hovercraft, Battle ships and many more

Stunning new terrains cortousey of BuLL , and Christopher Beckham as well as some old favorites from DFX.

New decorations contributed by some of the Communities leading modellers and communities.

Glock 17/18C MK23 MP5-SD Shotgun MP510mm SR25-SD PSG1-SD
P90 M16A4 M16A3 CAR15 M4A1 AK101 G36E L85A1 Sig 552 FN-FNC
RPK M249 AK103 AK47 G3A3 GPMG PKM L96A1 L115A Dragunov M21
M24 SR25 PSG1 M203 GP25 MK19 Nade Claymore Mortor Frag Round
RPG Stinger SAM SideWinder AA Guns Barret Mortor HE Round AT-4

By BOVA Version 2,254 Downloads Added 03/28/2004 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFBHDTS File Name: TS_CoopMedicMod.zip

BHDTS CoopMedic Mod
updated: 3/26/2004
Author and creator
for this mod-BOVA

I have created this mod to enable all weapons for COOP Medics.
Just like all the weapons are enabled for the medic in DFTFD.
As a coop medic you will be armed to the teeth.
You will be able to use any and all weapons as a COOP Medic.

Here is what's on the menu:
Frag Grenades-5
Flash Bang-5
Smoke Grenade-5
AT4-2 rounds, fully scoped with crosshairs, magnifies up to 10x.

Stinger Missile-2rounds, fully scoped with crosshairs, magnifies up to 10x.

G36- removed red dot scope, weapon is fully scoped
with crosshairs, magnifies up to 12x.

PSG-1 is now suppressed and silent. Ammo 50.cal, it is also fully auto.

CAR15- removed red dot scope,
fully scoped with crosshairs and magnifies up to 12x.

CAR15 with 302 grenade launcher- Removed red dot scope,
fully scoped with crosshairs
and magnifies up to 12x. It now holds 12 grenades instead of 6.

M16- set on burst mode weapon is now fully auto.
M16/203- set on burst mode weapon is now fully auto
and now holds 12 grenades instead of 6.

Secondary Weapons-
Colt .45- fully auto.
M9 Beretta- fully auto.
shotgun- fully auto

Other changes- You can now jump up and down and your
weapon will not stop firing. Even while you are jumping
the weapon will continue to fire as long as you hold the
fire button. This feature has been added to all weapons.

Installation instructions:
Open zip file, copy and paste the CoopMedic
shortcut to your desktop. I have already added
the /d to the shortcut. You will bring up the game
with this shortcut.
Now open your game folder, copy and paste
the CoopMedic.pff into your game mod folder.
If you do not have a mod folder, create one and
name it mod. The shortcut has been made to work
with a mod folder. So do it this way.

You will know when a server is running my mod.
Under the mod section of the lobby it will read coopmedic.
Make sure you enter the server through my mod
or it will not work.

I hope you enjoy the mod.

Updated: Added the Stinger Missile Launcher.
Changed the scope magnification on the AT4
from 12x to 10x. This setting has less recoil
and is more accurate when firing.