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By Tr 6,904 Downloads Website Added 03/26/2003 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFBHD, DFBHDTS File Name: NameEditer EWE.exe

BHD Name Editer - ewe
This tool will allow you to hex your name in Black Hawk Down.

If you are having problems with this name editor, try downloading and running the path fixer and try again.

By Eagle_Eye 618 Downloads Added 04/20/2009 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: JOE File Name: JOE_Chinook_Start.zip

JOE Chinook Start Hovering
Requires JO:ESC

Uses Chinook with Armory.

If you want to use this for JO:TR, you'll need to replace the Chinook, as the one with the Armory does not exist in JO:TR.

By t3K|Mac Version 1.0 1,060 Downloads Website Added 09/28/2004 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX, JOTR, JOE File Name: JO_ServerStatusPHP-v1.0.zip

DFX / Joint Operations Server Status Script JO-Status
With this PHP script you are able to show the status of your favourite JO: TR, JO: E and/or DF: X servers at your site.
Shows you the following information:
map time left
current/next map (with pictures)
how many players are in the server
the names of the players and the team where they in
player ping times, player class, player kill/deaths
Works with:
-JO: E
-JO: Reality MOD
-DF: Xtreme

By Chrislew200 2,729 Downloads Website Added 01/10/2005 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: JOTR File Name: JOPSWAVE.pdf

Joint Operations WAV File List
Wave File List for Jo Ops TR

By Eagle_Eye 802 Downloads Website Added 04/20/2009 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: JOTR, JOE File Name: JO_Run_Attach.zip

Joint Operations AI Run to Jeep, attach, drive off
Short Demo mission set as Coop in JO:TR

AI run to jeep.

Attach to jeep

Jeep drives off

By Eagle_Eye Version 2.60 2,281 Downloads Website Added 04/24/2005 Updated 01/23/07 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: JOTR, JOE File Name: DFX_Med_To_JO_JOE_260_wpics.exe

Joint Operations DFX Mission Editor (DFXMED) With Pictures
This is the old style mission editer taken from Delta Force Xtreme to work with Joint Operations TR and E. Includes all the pictures.

Updated 23JAN07 with Med version 2.60.

Also corrected the med pics that I originally used from DFX..

Some items in the the med.pff where not available in DFX and I had marked the pics as "Invalid 3di", when in fact, most where available in JO..

Proving that this Med was originally used for JO..

By Eagle_Eye 573 Downloads Website Added 12/10/2009 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: JOTR, JOE File Name: JO_Helo_Respawn.zip

Joint Operations Respawning a Helo and it's Crew
Supplied Mis file and bms file for JO:TR, see this post about attaching AI, no events.

Attach AI - No Events (Included Document)

Also set the helo to a waypoint path by assigning the waypoint list in the helo's item attributes.

Set the AI respawn to 99 for 99 respawns, the helo will respawn forever with it's default setting of 0.

Timed event for killing crew when helo dies, is reset 30 seconds after it's triggered.

By t3K|Mac 1,487 Downloads Website Added 09/28/2005 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX, JOTR, JOE File Name: JO_PHPRat-v3.0.zip

DFX / Joint Operations JO-PHPRat
Features of JO PHP Rat v3.0:

Extremely fast
Kick/ban/kill/zero/swap/screenshot players with reason
Spectators are displayed separately in playerlist
Direct rat command execution
Edit gamesettings (serverpassword, teampassword, gametime, autobalance, startdelay, ...)
Edit missionlist (add, sub, clear, ...)
Edit weaponsettings (enable/disable weapons)
Supports multi-gameserver PunkBuster control (enable/disable, screenshotdelay,screenshotquality, ...)
Read and write ingame chats
Works with:
-JO: E
-JO: Reality MOD
-DF: Xtreme