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By RIP / WBrain Version 1.14 2,214 Downloads Added 05/06/2002 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFLW File Name: Real IP DFLW.zip

NovaWorld Real IP DFLW
Decode the NovaWorld IP's from (example) NK=ekfgnhfjiehfZSWmkjjil&CK= to

By AnArKey Version 0.3 1,144 Downloads Added 04/24/2005 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: JOTR File Name: jotrWeaponsRealismMod.zip

Features of this mod include:

You cannot move and aim with the scope/sights at the same time. You must stop to aim.
Non-sighted fire, "from the hip," is now very inaccurate. Still effective at CQB, but not much past.
Damage. Most shots are one hit kill. Some may not be.
Stun after taking a hit: Expect to be blinded for a moment if hit and you live. Since I cannot so far find a way to make you slow down or fall down, this is the best debilitation I could use. I knew that SOMETHING was needed to prevent people from firing right back a split second after having a bullet tear through them.
Rate of fire. Much higher for just about everything. Everything timed to be as close to real world as possible.
Limited ammo on emplaced weapons. 100 for nades, 200 for 50s. I should mention, both types of ammo are much more effective than before, so if you take careful shots, the ammo will last.
3x scope on M4 and AK47, with red dot reticles. This is the best balanced approximation of the current ACOG scopes used by Allied forces, and the Belarus PSO3.5x21 scope used by Russian forces.
Mortar much more effective. You can hit with perfect accuracy, at further range (almost 700M). A DIRECT hit will destroy any vehicle. Bring designators people! If some guy is sitting in a boat or APC, designate it, and any engineer with a mortar within 600M can and will blow his ass up.
AT4 and RPG are no longer very effective as anti-personell weapons. The blast radius is much smaller, and will only wound. Shaped charge anti-armor weapons don't do much when they direct a forward shaped charge into the ground.
APCs and BTRs given variable x8 scope, with elevation adjustment.
Vehicles can be destoryed with effectiveness by sustained fire. Machine guns are best, and the medium variety (M60, PKM, and best of all M240) can rip open a jeep pretty fast. Gunners have no excuse to let jeeps full of enemies drive past them anymore.
Recoil: Drastically more for standing, a good bit more for kneeling, and just a touch more while prone. Learn to use single aimed shots people, like the real military does.
Bullet spread. NONE. Bullets go where you aim when sighted. Exception is AT4, RPG, and M203s, which have a slight error as evidenced in actual usage.
Barret has fairly good anti-light vehicle use. Power, and faster follow ups (but you still must deal with recoil). 7-8 shots kill most jeeps, etc. Doable, but you certainly expose yourself to counter sniper and machine gun fire. You might even take out a APC with one, but expect him to shower you with his own 50 cal bullets before you do.
RPG and AT4 both use iron sights, with elevation adjustment, and you must stand still to raise the sights, just like the other weapons.
50 cal machine guns rip apart most everything they shoot at pretty fast. No more long sustained fire exchanges between vehicles.
Rocket choppers can destory all light vehicles with one DIRECT rocket hit, and all other vehicles with two DIRECT hits. Splash damage is minimal (only really effective against soliders).
Miniguns (both side mounted and front shooting) fire 5.56 rounds, and at a VERY fast rate. They also have a bit of a dispersal pattern. These are death giving machines. Hope to actually see Blackhawks used with effectiveness against infantry. Note, these rounds will NOT hurt a APC or BTR, so don't waste your bullets on them.
BTR given 50 cal machine gun for parity with APC. The blinding muffle flash and puff of smoke is likewise been reduced to give parity with the APC.
Mk19 launcher is accurate now. Dispersal before was ridiculous. These weapons are very accurate in real life, and are now.
50 cal machine guns kick now.