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By Skinny & BigJoe 2,406 Downloads Website Added 08/26/2009 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFX, DFX2 File Name: MLHSetup.zip

DFX2 MED Little Helper (MLH)
Med Little helper is a Program that lets map makers keep track on their maps, and let you view the terrains for. Includes H2Viewer

Delta Force Extreme
Delta Force Extreme 2
Comanche 4

1) A Terrain Viewer.
This lets you view all the terrains
2) Environments
This lets you view the Environments that are available in w / time of day.
3) Databases
This lets you keep track of your maps and let you save them to a folder in the software. You can keep track of your maps better and restore them when you need them.
4) Back up
This will let you back up your databases and files that you use in the "data" folder to another folder of your choice.
5) Bin Files. BIN2TXT or TXT2BIN
I added the tools so that you can compile your text files to bin files and convert them back when you were running the program.
6) Bin File Editor
Last I added an option where you can create and maintain your text files that you compile bin files with. It loads notepad and lets you edit your text files.