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By DStructr Version 6.0 30,670 Downloads Website Added 08/04/2007 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFBHD, DFBHDTS File Name: SetupDFBHDPingerV6.0.exe

BHD / BHDTS Pinger
DF:BHD Pinger 5.0 (BHD+TS v1.5.0.5)

Pinger/IP joiner tool for DFBHD & DFBHD "Team Sabre" v1.5.0.5:

Lists DF:BHD & DF:BHD "Team Sabre" servers.
Integrated browser.
Using ICMP and measuring min/max/average ping/packet loss.

Configurable number of times and number of bytes to ping.

Sequential pinging for higher accuracy.

Nova Pinging for servers behind firewalls.

Ping results for each server is displayed in Green/Yellow/ or Red color, the limits are all configurable.

Trace option for detailed info regarding your route to the server, find out where the problem is. Your ISP ? The Server ?...

Lot's of trace options available, like number of pings pr. hop, decide if names should be resolved etc.

Auto refresh of GameName, GameType, Players, Dedicated and Version.

Working with real IP's, or nova keys.

Unlimited number of server lists.

Unlimited number of servers in a server list.

Will not mess up startup.htm so that stat games are unavailable.
All used web links are configurable.

Join by IP/URL/NovaIP.

Add servers by IP/NovaIP.
Nova-Inside.com latest news.
Change History
-Fixed decode of glb file due to new fields.
-Added launchbar to start bhd/bhdts with different mods / can also start other applications.
-Moved mod column in the upper window for easyer viewing.
-Added mod column to the lower window.
-Added display of mod column in game.
-Changed ping limits, any packetloss at all will mark the server as bad (red).
-Added support for team sabre.
-Added filter to display dfbhd servers only or dfbhdts servers only.
-Added news window.