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By .chancellor. Version 1.0 2,859 Downloads Website Added 05/18/2002 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFLW File Name: DFLW.Host.Editor.XP.Installer.exe

DFLW Host Editor XP
This program allows access to the text data stored in DFLW.PFF and DFLW.CFG used to display game type and other info on Public Games server pages when a player is hosting.

Load DFLW Host Editor. The program will automatically show what text is currently sent to Public Games pages when you host. This text is also editable. All editing is automatically previewed in a black preview frame at the bottom of the program.

Color modifiers may be easily added to the text and will be accurately previewed in the preview frame. Example:

~2TDM Game = TDM Game because ~2 is the color modifier for red.

For ƒÅÑ©ý text, use Edit>Open Character Map (provided you have it installed on your machine).

Edit>Fill With Default Text does nothing to your game but sets the text to the default value. You still must use File>Save for these changes to take effect.

If you have multiple games installed on your computer and want to edit a game other than your default installation, simply create a shortcut of DFLW Host Editor, and use "-select" after the shortcut target. This will open a dialog so you can select the folder manually. Example:

"CFLW Host Editor XPDFLW Host Editor XP.exe" -select

A word about text length: every group of words has a set length, and modification must conform to the set length when stored back into the DFLW.PFF file. To add color modifiers to the text, some text must be removed (to add 5 characters, you must take away 5 first) etc. By using my program to edit the game name, you now have 2 extra characters than the game would allow, and these DO show on the web pages.