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Reviews | Joint Operations: Escalation Review
Review By: ux*enfo Score: 8/10 Product Link 4,181 Views Added 11/29/2004 1 Comment PermaLink

I'm not very good with reviews but this game owns , at last u wont see any more n00bs taking off in new choppers alone because u need a pilot AND a gunner, this game brings teamwork togeather.

Almost every vehicle requires teamwork, tanks are fast and furious but u cant get out of the seat when u r reloading the tank, so if u get a javalin on you when you are reloading, you have got a short time to get out.

Javalins can only lock on to ground vehicles, all excepy the dirt bikes, it stops the tanks but turning them red and/or setting them on fire and pretty much destroys any other vehicle.

Anti tanks mines are great for crowded areas, just plant a few and you are guaranteed a kill.

Like the new JO:TR update flares can only be fired my passengers, and 3rd person cameras help to look out.

The parachutes are great, u need to select them at the armoury and can only be used once untill u get a new one, they open automatically and glide u down to safety, unless u get shot down, hehe.

I think nova did a good job on this, even though there are a few glitches still in it.