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By Envy 24 DFX2 SP 1,552 Downloads Added 04/17/2014 5 Comments PermaLink

Digital Bath
Airstrike mission, you will attack a terrorist group with an Apache, and sabotage their Weapon sistem. Black Widow will watch over while you do your mission, expect heavy resistance...

By Envy 24 DFX2 SP 1,261 Downloads Added 06/22/2013 Add Comment PermaLink

The Command sent two soldiers to sabotage the enemy
small heli-rocket-base, but some one all ready did that job...But who??? Even King-6 does mistakes XD. If you love grass and humidity this is your map! Have fun guys!!

By Envy 24 DFX2 SP 1,753 Downloads Added 09/25/2012 5 Comments PermaLink

Move out Bravo!!!To the objective chainsaw and do your job!If you wanna know the briefing of this mission
press the key 'o' during gameplay (DUH). Because im not writing it here. This is a desert mission.
Coming soon!:Operation"Pathfinder" & other missions!!!

By Envy 24 DFX2 SP 1,550 Downloads Added 08/31/2012 1 Comment PermaLink

You must move in and destroy radio equipment & kill all enemies at the camp..ALL of them.Find the 2 intel documents And move to the LZ!Oh yeah AGAIN at the LZ something might happen who knows !!! Have fun!!!

By Envy 24 DFX2 SP 1,706 Downloads Added 08/31/2012 1 Comment PermaLink

Nuclear hunt
2 of our planes crashed in enemy territory. The 2 panes were found by the enemy.Locate the plane crash destroy nukes destroy files and move to the LZ.Oh yeah no traps this time!Have fun!!!

By Envy 24 DFX2 SP 1,555 Downloads Added 07/23/2014 8 Comments PermaLink

Operation : 14-48
NOTE: The name of this mission is "Operation 16-48" but the file name is "Operation Tempest storm". Desert mission. Free the hostage from the enemy base. Then move to the LZ, took a while to do this mission because I was out of ideas...

By Envy 24 DFX2 SP 1,508 Downloads Added 08/29/2012 1 Comment PermaLink

Play this map ONLY if you find cool the enemies of dfx!Ready to be a Spetznas.Follow your orders destroy the damn "Smugglers" cause they didn't pay us back.We Spetznas sell the terrorists weapons and BTRs but they didn't want to pay us, and now they must pay
with their lives!Have fun!!!

By Envy 24 DFX2 SP 1,541 Downloads Added 08/31/2012 Add Comment PermaLink

Swamp battle
We find out that terrorists are selling gas barges but inside it there's no gas but cocaine.Move in destroy ALL gas barges,Kill the commander and get out of there!!
Oh, yeah there a trap at the LZ! Did you notice at every extraction point there's a enemy trap?it's weird isn't it?Have fun!!!

By Envy 24 DFX2 SP 1,904 Downloads Added 09/09/2012 1 Comment PermaLink

Fate campaign
Warning:This map works even for DFX1.This is not a HUGE campaign it have only 2 missions part 1 & part 2
The terrorists have take over a civilian platform.You must move and secure it Bravo! Coming soon...new missions! named=High
And other ones you just have to wait!Have fun!!!

By Envy 24 DFX2 SP 1,279 Downloads Added 06/26/2013 9 Comments PermaLink

Snow mission. You and your team mate will move in to enemy territory and sabotage their communication system. After that g to their base and eliminate the 3 commanders that gives orders in that location. Then move to extract. Bravo we don't know what's gonna happen, but expect heavy resistance.(I followed stompem's advice about the more aggressive AI [ty stompem]. In this map i hidden documents too!

By Envy 24 DFX2 SP 1,636 Downloads Added 08/31/2012 2 Comments PermaLink

Appetite for destruction
The CNLF forces are ready for braking the law!!!!
During a recon flight BW find out that enemy forces are ready to take off with 2 planes with nuclear equipment!
Destroy nukes and planes.Inside this mission There's another mission let's see if you can find it!Have fun!!!

By Envy 24 DFX2 SP 1,518 Downloads Added 08/05/2014 4 Comments PermaLink

Operation : Devilfish
There's a enemy village ahead, with 2 big targets in it... but we only want one... Grab your M24 move to a local camp, get in position and take the shot... and you will see the rest, have fun (This is one of my favourite missions) *NOTE* : I INCLUDED A MISSING FILE FROM 'Operation 14:48' in my last upload I forgot
to put the .BIN file in it so I bet the objectives were kinda messed up in it? So here's the fix, sorry.

By Envy 24 DFX2 SP 1,630 Downloads Added 07/18/2014 3 Comments PermaLink

Operation: Chaos White
This is a snow map, (for full info press 'o' during gameplay... I tried to mess around with the .WAC
commands and stuff and I noticed that many commands don't even work, like:
Don't know why... Anyway in this mission you have to move to a ex-Spetznas small base and disable their nuclear equipment... *SPOILER AHEAD* In a bit of the mission there's a collapsed tunnel... place the C4 right in front of it, same for destroying the tunnel - place the C4 in front of the ladder (down).

By Envy 24 DFX2 SP 1,398 Downloads Added 06/21/2013 8 Comments PermaLink

Bounty Hunter River
This is a hard and confusing mission. To complete this mission you must be: 1.Calm 2.Patient 3.Take your time. This is a pro-map, for those players that love exploring places. To finish this mission you have to follow your tasks, but mostly... Kill the drug lord! I tell you, This map is huge so the drug lord could be anywhere!!! I give you one tip for the position of the drug lord: He is in a very tall tower. During the game play check your map it should help! The water in this map is very clean (Please don't drink it)!. If you guys can complete this you are very skilled players! have fun!

By GI Ged DFLW CO-OP 1,181 Downloads Added 10/31/2003 Add Comment PermaLink

24 sniper
small island with forest is hiding 24 snipers - silent is live !
i think u better prone *ggg* shot em down and win !

By kadoo DFX DM 1,121 Downloads Added 10/19/2006 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: Other Not Listed

D = 24
D = 24 is a two level death match map i have played this map alot with freinds it is well liked an asked for alot. so ihope you 'll play this map alot an have fun.

By D.O.A.M.I.A DFLW DM 809 Downloads Added 08/14/2005 Add Comment PermaLink

DOA green with envy-dm
Cqb map fenced in,action comes thick and fast....made by D.O.A

By sgt.scream DFBHDTS TDM 761 Downloads Added 03/06/2004 Add Comment PermaLink

This is the first map that a friend and I built. 24 litllebirds and 2 buildinds across from each other with boxes between them. A second level up top for real CQB action.There are 4 sniping stations in each corner of the map.
Special thanks to-> §ÇØßRç Ѓ §†

By SCB_1 DFX TDM 857 Downloads Added 07/27/2005 Updated 07/31/05 Add Comment PermaLink

Its 24:00 hours deep inside the amazon rain forest there is an eerie fog is moving in and it looks like its going to to rain soon. Hurry up and eliminate all enemy forces before the rain starts, if you get caugth in the storm theres no telling if you will ever find your way out.

By bigsmellyfart DFBHD TDM, DM 965 Downloads Added 12/28/2003 Add Comment PermaLink


Description: Game play takes you thru a couple of small mazes a couple of gaurd towers with weapon implacements.some destroyable items. Lots of Different areas to frag in.there is a large and a small version.this map took me 24 hrs

By DaMapmakerZ DFBHD TDM 766 Downloads Added 12/28/2003 Add Comment PermaLink

Wake Up Hate
This is a very good Map for 24 PlayerZ and more!Not so good for small ServerZ.......the size from Wake Up Hate is like the size of Mean Streets.
Have Fun your m8 Down! UFP

By TEXCougar DFLW DM 750 Downloads Added 03/22/2005 Add Comment PermaLink

Roulette Arena
This is my first submitted map. It's a small arena with rain and blue fog with a circle of 24 Japanese bunkers, 4 fixed .50's and 5 small towers. Good CQB map for deathmatch only.
Most spawns are inside the bunkers and some you cant get out of :-)

By silentraiders DFX TDM 1,110 Downloads Added 10/03/2006 Add Comment PermaLink

-=SR=- Arena Wars -=SR=-
a simple cqb map so lets cut some throat.
no running away this time.

Hi we are back full time 24/7 all servers back online in the next 7 days.
join us for a game.

By EL_BASTARDO DFBHDTS DM, TDM, KOTH, TKOTH 1,109 Downloads Added 02/28/2004 Add Comment PermaLink

Friction Aerodrome
Nice airfield map, plenty of fun for snipers, close action in the zone. I added a plane that takes off & circles & 2 pairs of Humvee which circle the map in opposite directions. tested on a 24 player server - plays very well.

Friction *F Server Map

By redshift DFBHD CTF 1,121 Downloads Added 01/18/2004 Add Comment PermaLink

Small CTF map about 150m squared. 12 flags. 24 spawns. All buildings except shacks have interiors. A very tightly-woven map. Move from building to building through alleys and over rooftop ladders. Though it's a small map, snipers will be needed to clear rooftops with flags.