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By Tanya DFX CO-OP 1,761 Downloads Added 08/14/2018 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: SO Mod

The shipment by Tanya
This map got great aliases all are good but this one was excellent.
Tip the car and eliminate all the enemies of the 1 subgoal, as soon as you complete you will receive a message to go to your base to receive new orders.
Be very careful not to try to enter the areas that have plates because you will be eliminated because it is minefield.
Then you do not say I did not warn you.
In the end BlackHawk rescued you to take you to the blue base.
When you arrive by helicopter inside the base jump into it and wait a few seconds to finish the game, or a shot in the helicopetero just to threaten the pilot (Laughter) will finish yes.
2 Files (Multiplayer) (Single Player)
without respawn