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By LORDROACH DFBHDTS TDM, TKOTH 2,351 Downloads Added 01/11/2018 Add Comment PermaLink

Under Fire
This map is small and has two ammunition buildings in the center that contain spawn points inside of them. Either side of those buildings is two identical ruins. On the outside of this are some scattered buildings that face the center. You could say this map resembles a small combat zone that is open world but restricted at the same time. The screenshot that shows this map practically shows 75% of the combat zone. For a small map there are still quite a few places where you can hide. Like all of my maps you cannot leave the war zone due to walls surrounding it.
Combat type: Restricted Open world.
Map size: Small.
Map paths: Open.
Tunnel system: No
Water: No.
Game Modes: Team King Of The Hill/Team Death Match.