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By LORDROACH DFBHDTS TDM, TKOTH 2,346 Downloads Added 01/11/2018 Add Comment PermaLink

Seriously I was totally out of ideas when I created this map. This map was completely randomly built and each mesh was placed by literally throwing them around. After tidying thing up a little this was the end result. Even though I describe this map as being open world there is still a wall stopping people from gaining 20 point sniper kills. The good news for snipers is that you can still choose to be a sniper if you wish to. Actually this map can be for whatever type of unit you want to be because it does have a balance of close quarters and open world. The center of the map has 4 sheds and contain shipping crates inside them. The dead center of the map has 2 Armories to replenish your ammo with and a spawn point. The map contains some ruined buildings and some rocks with grass and other various meshes like light posts etc.
Combat type: Open world/Close quarters
Map size: Large/Medium.
Map paths: Open path choices you can take at spawn start.
Tunnel system: No.
Water: No.
Game Modes: Team King Of The Hill/Team Death Match.