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By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 821 Downloads Added 07/19/2017 9 Comments PermaLink

Dead Center
>>>This Single Player Map Contains WAC File Too. I spent nearly 2 weeks to make this mission. So I Hope you guys will like it. Orange Team is team of Sergeant. Violet Team is Team of Columbians. They Are Both Allies<<<
>>>Situation Description : Somalian Leaders Had Our Sergeant As Hostage For A While Now, Trying To Get All The Valid Information Out OF Him. Our Scouts Managed To Locate The Building Where Sergeant is being Held Without Being Detected. Intel Also States That City Is Full OF Armed Somalian Forces While Building Where Sergeant is being Held Is Located Right in The Center of City, Which Makes Situation Extremely Dangerous. Good News is Columbian Forces Promised Us Aid If things went out of control. This is Not Gonna Be Walk On The Beach. The Success Of This Mission is 50/50 at best. Good Luck Soldier!<<<
>>>Extra Information : You Have Only 1 Objective to fulfill and that is to get sergeant out of red zone. Stay Near To Him At All Times. Also Pay Attention To Custom texts on left below corner. They Give You Hints About Situation And What To Do.<<<