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By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 824 Downloads Added 07/11/2017 14 Comments PermaLink

Last Call
___Hello Everyone. Today I Am Back With Single Player Mission Map. And At Last , Now I can Provide Actual Picture Of Map As Well. I Put Huge Amount Of Time And Effort To Create This Mission. So I Hope All Of You Will Enjoy Playing It. Files Contain ,,READ ME'' So If You Have Any Problems Later On , Read It Carefully.
___Situation Description : After Accomplishing Many Deadly Missions , American Soldiers Finally Have Been Promised Sending Them Back To Their Families For A While , After Long Time No See. However, Situation Has Changed At The Last Minute. Once Again , Their Brave Hearts And Experiences Are Needed. Raging Soldiers Don't Have a Choice. This Is Their Last Mission. This Is Their Last Call...
___Mission Description : Enemies Fortified Themselves On This Island. They Think , They Have The Advantage. And They Do ... However , That Being Said , They Are Underestimating Us. We Are Going To Attack Island From Multiple Directions , Both From Sea And Sky. Once Their Defense Line Is Penetrated , Advantage Will Be Ours. We Will Destroy Them From Inside Out. We Will Not Stop. We Will Not Show Mercy. This Is The End Of The Line. This Is Our Last Mission. This Is Our Last Call...