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By Lunaticc DFBHDTS CO-OP 891 Downloads Added 07/01/2017 1 Comment PermaLink

Shaky Road
______Welcome To My Asylum This is Strictly Cooperative Map. Single Players will be Crushed like Ants. This Map is For AT LEAST 3 Players Who are Really good in Teamwork.______________________________
______In this Mission, Rebels are trying to take over whole town. Ground And Air Forces have been sent to neutralize the situation. Whole Town is gone to hell. While This madness is taking place in town, Our scout drones detected Nearby located Fortress. We have high activity of enemy forces in Fortress territory. After you will reach Second Spawn point, you will notice 3 Little birds. They are inbound to penetrate enemy fire line and drop you right in the middle of Fortress. Also Be careful not to walk on little bird's blades... always crouch before getting off it or you will die.__________________
______Objectives : 1) According to Intel , There are 2 Garage Buildings with some dangerous verhicles in it as well as some radio equipment. Destroy Them! 2) Scout Drones located 3 Communication Towers under use of enemy forces. Show them no mercy. Eliminate Them!
After Fulfilling Objectives, Ally Forces will Show up Shortly. Good Luck Soldier!