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By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP, CO-OP 884 Downloads Added 06/21/2017 23 Comments PermaLink

Island Prison
This is My First Try of Editing. So Don't expect anything extraordinary. This Mission is Single Player However I made it playable for Cooperative too (it's not like it's hard for single player and easy for coop So you can have some fun times with your friends as well.
And Sorry about picture. My pc has problems lately and I can't take pics.
So in this mission You are entering in enemy territory with boats under cover of Air Support. Your Allies are staying on boat. You can also stay on boat and shoot from 50cal or you can go on Helicopter and be air support yourself. preventing your men from dying is NOT main priority however if you did manage to prevent them from dying, they will be great asset later on. In Order to win the map you have to complete following objectives : 1)Destroy Enemy Verhicles 2) Destroy Enemy Helicopters 3) Destroy enemy radio towers and 4) Free their hostage. WARNING: You need to destroy radio towers first and then try to free the hostage, which is located on second floor of building.
As I said before this mission is Single Player BUT it can be played as team. Coop fans will have good time.
By the way I tried to put some sound affects and conversations but they are too complicated for me and I failed to do so. Even though I think this version of map is worth giving a shot.