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By Tanya DFX CO-OP 766 Downloads Added 05/11/2017 Updated 05/15/17 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: SO Mod

Jungle_3 by Tanya
Note: Personal this map I forgot to warn on goal 2 if not complete is because there is an enemy that is in the water in the same direction of this 2 subgoal I forgot to put it at the right time but just jump in the water and look between the Pillars he's there .... lol ... sorry.

All my maps are for DFX SO MOD, I edit my maps on normal terrain, SO MOD terrain and 7 EXP terrains.
If you do not have these lands do not blame me for not opening the maps so I'm leaving here warned.
All my maps are for multiplayer mode.
All the files that are inside the map folder are nescessario to make it work I have already tested everything and it is working perfect.