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Re: DeltaForce Angel Falls

Originally posted by icishoot

>The graphics and playability are, in his words, comparable to Crisis.

i gotta say that that is not really a good thing in my eyes...

1. i really dont rate crysis that highly especially in terms of playablility. i bought the game and have played it on 2 occasions, waste of money.

2. graphically it is good... if you play on very high settings... if you have a tri/quad sli, or crossfire-x system. 1% of PC users?

going offtopic... the Crytek CEO has been complaining that piracy has ruined Crysis, and sales have been lower than expected. do you think maybe... just maybe that crysis was not as good as they hyped it up to be? why do they assume sales would be so much higher if piracy never existed???

as a result they have stopped all PC exclusives. riiiiiight as if noone copies/downloads console games!
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