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caution 07-01-2018 02:24 AM

Mapcheck PHP Script
Can someone send me PHP script MAP checker for BHD

Scott 07-03-2018 06:49 PM

What do you mean map checker? I've not seen a PHP script that can display the map a server is using without some other type of software...

Baldo_the_Don 07-04-2018 01:40 AM

Maybe he means to make sure there are no TS items in DFBHD maps?

I remember Shark -oZi- had a page on his site that could do that, but after a bit of googling and searching my bookmarks, is apparently no longer a thing.

Scott 07-04-2018 12:06 PM

That would be cool to see :D

stompem 07-05-2018 05:20 AM

Maybe it's one of these?

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